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Don't waste your time looking for estate agents in your area. We do the work for you and ensure you get personal offers from agents specialising in selling properties in Dublin. makes it easy for you to compare real estate agents in Dublin and pick the best agent for your property sale.

The service is free and non-binding – you can always reject an offer. You only have to fill out the short form.

The estate agents know that they are competing with other agents to sell your property. You can be sure they will give you their best and most competitive offer.

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The property market in Dublin

Over a quarter of the Irish population lives in the capital, Dublin. This produces an active housing market where Dublin residential property prices have risen over 125% in the past ten years.

In Dublin, you find some of the most expensive postcodes for properties. Dublin 4, Glenageary and Blackrock for example, have some of the highest average property prices in all of Ireland, ranging between €800,000 to €915,000.

In 2022, the median asking price for properties in Dublin is €403,000. In comparison, the median asking price for all of Ireland is €320,000.

If you are interested in selling your property in Dublin, get offers from estate agents and decide which is the best for you.

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Find letting agents in Dublin

Do you want to let your property? Get offers from letting agents in Dublin to get the best deal for you.

Letting agents can provide you with up-to-date rental property valuations and assist you in finding the ideal tenant for you through careful vetting.

Some letting agents even offer property management services, so you don't have to spend time on that.

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Why you should compare estate agents in Dublin

The Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (CCPC) advises you to talk to several estate agents before you decide on one.

There's a good reason for that.

An estate agent's fee can range between 1% and 2.5% of the property's final sale price. On a €400,000 property, this difference is between €4,000 and €10,000. You must also remember to add VAT to the cost.

Some agents can offer a fixed fee for selling your property. This fixed fee might be lower than a percentage fee.

The fee isn't all, however. You must be comfortable with the agent, cost and the support they can offer throughout the process.

As the country's most active housing market, many property agents in Dublin compete for the same clients. Pick the best agent for you and your property sale.

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