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When selling your property, finding a good estate agent is crucial. The best estate agent for you will have local expertise, making them savvy to the current prices and trends in D6.

It can feel like a daunting task to find the right estate agent. By using, you can get offers from up to four estate agents and choose the offer that suits you best.

By comparing their knowledge and experience, you can choose the best estate agent for you and feel confident when selling your property.

You are in charge. When comparing estate agents, you can compare their prices, knowledge, and experience. If none of the offers suit you, you are free to decline them all.

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Compare letting agents in Dublin 6

Currently, the rental market in Dublin 6 is seeing a high amount of competition. There is a high demand for rental properties but a low supply of suitable rental homes available.

If you want to rent out your home, a good letting agent can help you in finding the right tenant through careful vetting.

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You should compare letting agents and think about the different fees, services, and support offered throughout the process of renting out.

Fill in the short form to easily compare fees and services from multiple letting agents. You can ask for specific services and get personalised offers from different agents in Dublin 6.

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The property market in D6

D6 is a highly sought-after area for property buyers due to its central location, proximity to amenities, and attractive architecture.

With a great location and access to amenities, property for sale in D6 typically fetches a good price right now, making it a good time to sell your home.

Estate agents charge a fee when selling your property which can be between 1% to 2.5% of the property value or it can be a fixed fee.

For a €700,000 property, this difference is between €7,000 and €17,500, excluding VAT. In some instances, the fixed fee may be lower.

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Dublin 6 areas:
  • Dartry
  • Milltown
  • Ranelagh
  • Terenure
  • Rathgar
  • Rathmines
  • Sandford

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